Wulf Muller - O.P.G. Rigger

   Wulf very successfully raced motorcycle sidecar back in the 60's but with a slight twist that was extremely advantageous . Wulf drove, but the sidecar 'Monkey' ... was an actual real live monkey , a young orangutan in fact . "Hey , back then it didn't say my racing partner had to be human" . That rule was quickly changed for most of the motorcycle racing divisions the very next year , but not all did change . Wulf and partner raced year after year winning more than their fair share of races in the smaller venues all over Canada and the U.S.A. . In fact , these smaller racing leagues quickly grew in attendance as people flocked to see "that crazy ape hang-10" from the speeding sidecar .

   Wulf and partner , Bo Bo , raced for many years , thrilling fans from far and wide who came to see the incredible spectacle win race after race almost effortlessly gliding around the high-speed circuits . The time eventually came to stop the actual racing and to lend their combined talents in other areas . "Bo Bo and I did promotional work for many charities for years and years , but the pace was very hectic , much more so than the racing circuit ever was" . Bo Bo decided to move back to Sumatra and Wulf opened a motorcycle speed shop . Clint Eastwood later heard about the racing duos amazing feat and was inspired to create the film 'Any Which Way but Loose' , hiring Wulf as a technical director for the eventual film series . "The films were funny" say's Wulf , " but tame compared to the wild life we actually led on those racing circuits" .

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