Willy Anderson - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

   Willy's World Cup of Soccer's records speaks for themselves . Setting records in many area's including Goals per game average , longest goal to win a game and quickest overtime goal in a playoff game was the reason Willy eventually got out of Soccer altogether . His payroll was also a new record , but was just too much pressure to perform at such an incredible pace , season after season . "I stayed with this game for the shear fun of it , not the money" , say's Willy , "but after one single , slightly underpar season , half my fans turned on me , sometimes hurling tomatoes at me from the stands . There's no love in that game . It's all 'but what have you done for me lately' and that's it " . Willy quit the game he loved , moved to the country , changed his name from 'Santa-de-maflamenco' , to , 'Anderson' , and took a job in the Powerhouse . "It's so peaceful here on the turbine floor , no yelling fans , no 'hungry for dirt reporters' ." OK Willy , take 'er easy my good man & thanks for those many awesome years .

Note - Biography not submitted for Willy Anderson