Trevor Vormittag - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

Millwrights from the Great Lakes area have enjoyed fishing and sailing for many years , of course . Some have even boomed out to Construction projects either towing their water craft or using the many canal systems to navigate there . Staying on their boat is a great way of offsetting costs and actually helps pay for it's purchase .

However , Trevor has taken this concept one step further .... he actually lives on his own submarine ! No , not in the winter months in Canada , but usually by around the 1st of June he is already settled in to his underwater home in Port Dalhousie .

As amazing as that sounds , the most incredible part of all is that he built this Sub with his own 2 hands (and a little help from friends and family) .

"The plate steel was purchased at auction for much less that scrap steel prices" , says Trev , "and most of the interior is from a brand new Winebago that had it's under carriage torn out in a non-fatal highway collision . Got that cheap at auction too" .

So how does he like it down there ? "Love it ... just absolutely love it ! Very cool in the dog-days of summer , and super quiet , even when the other boaters are partying it up late at night" .

Sounds great Trevor . Have you ever boomed out to any jobs on , er , I mean , in it ? "Yes , admits Trevor , I've taken it through the Welland Canal and up to Thunder Bay a couple of times now " . "The trick is to follow the pleasure craft closely , but remain submerged . This way I get free passage through the Lock System . In fact , I get free docking space too , if the water is deep enough " .

Note - Biography not submitted for Trevor Vormittag