Steve Rudling - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

The KGB will deny it , but Steve Rudling is actually the very youngest of several hundred Soviet agents born on foreign soil . Before you get nervous I should inform you that Steve is no longer in the program . "That particular experiment ended with the 'Cold War' " , say's Steve , " and my parents immediately applied for amnesty when the wall fell " .

Does Steve still know how to kill a man with just a certain look ? "Sorry , that's still classified information , but I can tell you that by the age of 7 , I could throw a postcard hard enough to sever your jugular . In fact , all of us kids had to learn how to survive in the Canadian bush , or arctic, with nothing more than the clothes on our back , and the shortwave radio in our Flintstones lunchpails " .

So why did Steve become a Millwright , you might ask ? "My family's assignment was to build an armoured tank , in the garage , and wait for the word from the Kremlin , as to when all the Russian families were to set out and capture Niagara Falls . I got so good at blueprint reading , and layout , welding and machining , at such an early age , that Millwrighting seemed a natural progression " .

Well , the war is over , and all is well in Niagara Falls . Gotta say though , 'thank God he's on our side' .

Note - Biography not submitted for Steve Rudling