Steve Ryder - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

   Steve ran away from home to join the circus . After a busy season as "Jo-Jo the Bearded Lady" in an experimental Barnum & Bailey/ Cirque du soleil extravaganza , Steve sensed disaster when the owners began selling off the elephants just to meet the payroll. Wisely he ran away ... and joined the Millwrights ! Steve shaves everyday now , rarely wears a dress , and seems right at home doing the impossible with impossibly large wrenches and tools . The Big Tent's loss is the Construction Millwrights of Ontario's gain . If you're ever wondering how to come home with one or two of those giant stuffed animals , take the time to talk to Steve nicely , and he may possibly fill you in (wink) .

Note - Biography not submitted for Steve Ryder