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    This Page is under Construction but I would very much like to host any and all stories or antidotes that members may wish to share or contribute . I'm sure there are many 'Ron Husak' stories out there (I know I have a few) .

   If anyone has any stories , photo's etc. that they would like to share or relate ... Please do drop a line . Perhaps it may be possible to share some of the many many interesting shutdown stories of any topic , actually , which normally only get told in the lunchroom or Union meetings .

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First Day of the Apprenticeship

   Well , perhaps I could get the ball rolling with a recollection or 2 . Ron and I started our apprenticeship on the same day on the same construction assignment , the General Abrasives expansion project on Stanley Ave in Niagara Falls . Ron kind of surprised me with his total familiarity of the job . He seemed to know everyone somehow , and I assumed he was a journeyman , at first , since he blended in so well in this , alien-to-me , environment . Ron was very sure-footed right from the start , and a total comfort to me , since I was completely overwhelmed by this new introduction .

   I had spent 2 seasons in Alberta's 'boom-town' of 1979/80 , not in the industrial sector but in Road Construction . Ontario boomed in 1981 but mostly in the industrial construction sector . I thought I'd give it a try ,having written & passed the MW entrance exam , but on my first day felt totally alien to it . Being teamed up with Ron Husak helped me get through that first "just try it out" day .

A Natural

   Ron , on the other hand seemed like he belonged here , right from the start . He had nick-names for everyone by lunchtime . Once we began talking motorcycles (in the first few hours) I knew that I wasn't all alone here after all , that there was someone I could actually relate to in this bizzare assortment of overhead cranes , coarse and blunt Construction Tradesmen , and extremely hot/humid/dusty climate .

   Turned out , Once I got to know these fellow Millwrights a little, there wasn't really any need for concern . M/W's like Keven Dority , Peter Marshall , Danny Ioney , Wayne Savage , Fred Vormitag , and one of the most capable Millwrights ever to come out of Local 1007 ... 'Bobby' Morris , who was also the Union Stewart on that project .

   It was a totally new and overwhelming experinece to me , but Ron Husak seemed right at home here , amongst a guantlet of mobile cranes and our work platforms situated 90 feet above the ground . I was feeling more than a bit uncomfortable with all this unfamiliar territory and personnel , but Ron was right at home , always joking and making light of what I was a little bit concerned about .

   Ron was a natural , as it turned out . Born and Bred to Millwright it seemed . Turned out that many of the Journeymen on that initial site were , as well . Very lucky for me , as they had quite an impact on myself , and probably set the wheels in motion as to what a Journeyman basically , is all about in my mind .

Tradesman , Steward and Union Executive

   Ron knew 'who was who' , and 'what was what' , right from the start . Harry Husak was Ron's father and Harry was quite a Millwright in his own right , being the G.F. on the Cyanamid 4th Avenue project that was going on right across the street . Harry could have easily gotten Ron on that project , but being the smart father he was , decided it best to let Ron find his own way in this business , which Ron did indeed do , as a Tradesman , a very capable Steward and an active member of the Local Union Executive Committee for many years .