Mike Adamson - Local 1916 Hamilton Construction Millwrights

   On the 50th anniversary of D-Day , Mike decided to pay tribute to his great Uncle by parachuting into the same Belgium town that was so successfully liberated by the Allied forces that day . If it hadn't been for that sudden gust of wind , the 'chute never would have caught the church steeple's spire , leaving Mike dangling precariously until help (and the local TV stations) arrived . "How can you have a 150 foot high steeple , but not have a ladder that will reach that height ?" , Mike would later question . Not the least bit afraid of heights , Mike would look back years later and remember the rare and picturesque view of the Belgium countryside that he , and he alone (and the firemen who rescued him) enjoyed that calm afternoon .

    Note - Biography not submitted for Mike Adamson