Jim Kovacs - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

   Jim won 1.1 Million dollars on the May29/94 Lotto 6/49 draw and very wisely invested almost all of it in Blue chip stock of a very low risk nature . His eventual time-tailored portfolio was the envy of Bay street , particularly his uncanny ability to decipher long shots in the precious stones arena , a place that most advanced investors would fear to tread . Some would say it was luck that had him changing his strategies from oil and commerce to the outright takeover of the Carnival Diamond mine in , none other than , South Africa's richest diamond mining district , but truth be known it was insider information (but you didn't hear that from me (wink)) . So of course by now you're wondering ... "what happened ?" Did he end up sharing a cell with Martha Stewart ? No , Diamond Jim is now , officially the richest person in the Niagara area , with Carnival hitting record yields month after month after month .

    So why is D.J. still getting up at 4:30 AM every morning to foreman this Turbine shutdown , you may well ask ?   " Diamonds are fine , and they have their place " says Jim , " but the real money for the next 20 years or so , is in energy and power ." . Unfortunately , that's all he will say , and when confronted with the rumor of a privatized Nuclear Hydro plant in Welland , Ontario ? Sorry , but "No Comment" is all I could get out of him so far . Better stay tuned . I get the feeling that if this guy has his way , Beck 3's only use will be for tourists and historians .

Note - Biography not submitted for Jim Kovacs