George Wicks - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

   George Wicks' scheduled Ed Sullivan appearance was pre-empted just moments before he was slated to take the stage (President Johnson felt the need to let the nation know that he would not be returning to politics after this term) . That particular Sunday night proved to be the turning point of what many insiders assumed would be the launch of the most talented magician the world had yet seen (never assume) . Undaunted , George took to the road anyway , but car crash after bus crash after train wreck proved to be just a bit too much , and George eventually sold his prize white doves and moved right next door to his oldest brother in Welland , Canada . George still has a trick or two up his sleeve though . Just drop mission impossible in his lap and see what I mean (grin) !

Note - Biography not submitted for George Wicks