Daniel Lebourque - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

   When his reconnaissance craft dramatically crashed deep into the New Brunswick bush , the lone surviving alien had no option but to destroy all evidence of the wreckage , live in the warm damp woods while he healed and then assume an earthling identity , until help arrived . The guise of a travelling Construction Millwright seemed a logical choice , allowing one to move around from place to place , closely observing the strange beings that inhabited the beautiful blue planet . When the rescue team finally did arrive they missed the subtle messages and directions that "Danny" had left them, due to an unusually heavy forest growth that summer . Stranded now and fated to roam the planet for the next six hundred years or so , but destined as well to have one of the richest pensions the Millwright benefit plan has ever administered . Can you say "400 foot yacht" ?

Note - Biography not submitted for Daniel Lebourque