Barry Boyd - Local 1007 Niagara Falls Construction Millwrights

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Barry began life as an animal ... a wolf cub in fact . "Yep , it's no secret that the CIA was doing some pretty bizzare DNA experiments back in the fifties " , "I was actually taken from the northern bush just hours after birth , to begin the long series of injections and 5 years of laboratory scrutiny "

That's wild Barry , but how was it growing up in the city ? "Tough at first , naturally , but oddly enough , when I hit puberty , my re-sequenced DNA completely took over and the transformation was finally completed in just a few short months" .

Amazing . So it was fairly smooth then ? "No , the early years in grade school were hard . Kid's are cruel sometimes . They would call me 'Joe-Joe the dog-faced boy' , and names like that ..." , Barry goes on to remember  " there were a couple of biting incidents too , but it was their own fault for teasing me when I was hungry" .

... and now ? "When my CIA handler passed on , so did the official record keeping" . So , in a way , you were abandoned in the city ? "Yes , indeed" , quips Barry  "I felt very weird for a while there , but I'm alright noooooooowwwwwwww ..." .

The future ? "well , a little cabin in the woods , by a fish filled lake is my Millwright retirement dream" , Barry reveals , "to just sit by the campfire , relax and watch the moon slowly rise over the misty water ..." .

Sounds awesome Barry ! Perhaps we could come visit , on nights when the moon's not full .

Note - Biography not submitted for Barry Boyd