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    It's all about teamwork . True , and in this workspace there are many , many teams , with each department representing an alignment of team members , each and all concerned with , not only their particular department's goals , but also of their connecting departments . Millwrights are aware of what the pipe Fitters and Carpenters tasks are , and the O.P.G. Project Planning Department is also very aware of what manpower and resources will be required to complete the present allocation 'On Schedule' and  Accident-Free  .

Ed Juhasz - 1007 Millwright (Kvaerner)

Barry Boyd - 1007 Millwright (Hydro)
Steve Rudling - 1007 Millwright (Kvaerner)

Mike Lenson - 837 Labourer Extraordinaire

    Takes many contracting companies as well to perform the elaborate scope of work assigned to the Construction division . However , professionals understand teamwork is key to getting things done , with each contracting company eagerly assisting one another when required or requested . Pro's like Supervisor Ed Juhasz  of Kvaerner (above) and Sandy Buchanan of Aecon work side-by-side with so called 'competitors' to ensure a quick response to specific needs . Unbelievers may balk at this concept of working together , but at the N.G.S. facility it is a tried and trusted methodology . All 'outside' contractors working together in an effort to ensure smooth task completion is another essential ingredient of a successful downturn or expansion project .

Working Together to make it Happen

Willy and Wulf Invert an Outer Casing

    Above we see Hydro Rigger Wulf Muller  and Local 1007 Construction Millwright Willy Anderson making a very tricky 'lift' . This 25 ton turbine outer casing must be inverted (flipped) ... in mid-air , no less . This operation is very typical of the type of tasks that require the overhead crane Operator's very steady hand , and Riggers with confidence , all working together , focused on a smooth and safe completion .

   Teamwork extends within a Contracting company , such as Siemens-Canada for example , and has much more depth than what may meet the casual eye . On-site personnel quite often come and go from project to project , administering many sets of individual employee needs , and also doing overlapping tasks in an effort to help out fellow support staff .

    Clockwise from top-left  -  Ray Gallagher Siemens' very personable technical expert . Ursula Palokoski  our 'Jill of all trades' secretary .  John Kwartz  Siemens' knowledgeable Health and Safety coordinator .  Paul Lindoff  the Technical Supervisor finally slows down long enough for me to capture him on high speed film . . .

   Nathan Chang  , Siemens's Project G.F. along with Mechanical Engineer (in training) , Jason Strinich , enjoy a quick lunch break in the portable office trailer . I have to say this was the busiest , most crowded office trailer I've ever seen anywhere . So much activity , so many Project personnel coming and going ... yet somehow everyone managed to get through their daily duties and tasks , juggling chairs , computer time and the microwave oven . The portable office trailer is the heartbeat of the construction project where decisions are made and options weighed . Office chemistry is just as important as the work area chemistry . As the gears in here mesh smoothly , so goes the project at hand ...

1007 President Dave Wheeler
Legendary Dave (Moon) Mullens

   Above are Local 1007 Millwrights Dave Wheeler and 'soon to retire' Dave Mullens . Interesting to myself is a recollection of Dave Mullens teaching me advanced layout when I was apprenticing , and then my later partnering with Dave Wheeler when he was beginning his apprenticeship , and being able to pass on that layout skill . Both these individuals struck me as 'Born to Millwright' types , in my humble estimation . Old saying ; "two types of people in this world , those that leave their mark & those that leave a stain" . Levity of course , however , these fellow Tradesmen have most definitely left their mark on this ever changing landscape .


   The Christmas and New Years season is a time of family and relaxation for most of us lucky enough to enjoy it with a little well deserved time off . It's also a time to reflect back on those fellow comrades who are no longer able to join us . All will of course remember the passing of Brother Ronald 'Ron' Husak tragically this spring . More importantly we will remember the very commendable job Ron did on the Local 1007 Executive Council , as Regional Delegate , and even more importantly the trials and tribulations he handled so well and so often as an 'in field' project Union Stewart . Most sadly missed this holiday season , our hearts and best wishes go out to Ron's wife Louise and children Jillian , Brett & Brock as well as Ron's many, many friends and family members .

Departed Brother  RonHusak 

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