• Total Station Roll Align

    One problem that is commonly encountered by Total Station operators specializing in Metrology is the lack of a large assortment of prism holders . Different horses for different courses , is always the case . If a particular and unique need presents itself , sometimes , we may have to become creative ...
  • Seconds of Arc in Terms of Thousands of an Inch

    This very handy chart is a must-have for serious shooters . It clearly shows just exactly how wide seconds of arc are at various distances . Always important for an instrument person to be aware of what tolerance their optical device is capable of in terms of both degrees and thousands of an inch .
  • Leica Quicksheets

    T-Station Manuals are like encyclopedia volumes to most. These compliled quick sheets contain a tiny bit of basic info and so may refresh one's memory if ever thrust into the field again . Handy graphics and text . Just what the Doctor ordered . Good Luck to you all .